12 February, 2006

Misinformation on Edward II

Hmm, surfing the net over the last few days has convinced me to keep writing this and correcting all the nonsense that still appears about Edward II. I've recently read that Hugh Despenser seduced Edward, then had him killed; that Edward I was the father of Edward III (astonishing, the technology they must have had 700 years ago, given that Edward I died in July 1307 and Edward III was born in November 1312!), and pages and pages of the usual crap that Edward II was gay and therefore couldn't have been the father of his children. For goodness sake, even if he preferred men, that doesn't make him sterile! He fathered children by 2 different women, as did Gaveston, and Despenser had at least 9 children.

Every time I visit a site that contains misinformation, if it's possible, I leave a message and a link to this site. It takes time, but I'm determined to correct all the crap that's out there! I'm a woman on a mission! :)


Anonymous said...

Haha, you go girl!! The Edward I being the father of Edward III is one of the biggest bloopers I've ever heard! I guess these people get all their info from unreliable Phd dissertations, right? ;)

Carla said...

Hello. I found you via Susan Higginbotham's blog. Edward II isn't my era but you make me want to go and read up! What did you think of the Alison Weir biography of Isabella? I heard it serialised on Radio 4 and have been wondering whether to get a copy.

Kathryn Warner said...

Hi Carla, nice to see you here, and great to read that I've sparked your interest in Edward II!

I quite enjoyed the Weir bio of Isabella, but it suffers from the usual flaw of biographies - it's too indulgent of its subject, and from my point of view it's too hostile to Edward. Still, well worth a read. If you take a look at Susan's website (not her blog) she has some excellent 'Further Reading' pages on Edward II. The site's at susanhigginbotham.com, I think.

Eleanor of A said...

Dear Alianore,
Thank you............What a fantastic site. I am so happy to read positive information about Edward II. What a delightful man.

He clearly liked people...... he knew details of the families of those in his employ as well as his 'lower class'??? friends.

I would love to have one with such qualities amongst my friends.

I too am a descendant of Edward II
via Edward III's sons, John of Gaunt and Thomas of Woodstock.

Also descended from Elizabeth and Joan, Edwards sisters.

Have the necessary primary source documents to link to the already proven lines registered with the Collrge of Arms.

Would like to know if our lines cross.

Eleanor of A.

Kathryn Warner said...

Hi Eleanor!

Thank you for the kind comment! I'm really glad you like the site, and especially that you like Edward - he really was delightful, and it's such a shame that so few people know anything about him.

Unfortunately my research into my ancestors has stalled in the 16/17 centuries, so don't know if I'm descended from my darling Edward! I'm sure I am though...