17 December, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

I'm off on my holidays tomorrow, so this will be the last post till 6 January or thereabouts.

Taking a lead out of Susan and Sarah's books, here's some of the search terms people have entered in the last few days that brought them to the blog:

piers gaveston bikini. Now there’s a mental image.

who had far worse manors than william wallace. A good question. Anyone? Remember, it's not only worse manors we're after. It's far worse manors.

Wallace sleeps with Isabella of France. Nooo, he doesn't! She was nine when William Wallace was executed! Man, that Braveheart myth refuses to die.

photos of medieval 1290 girls. You'd be amazed how many people search for 'medieval photos'.

sexy young boy catamite. Oooh, you naughty thing, you!

Important facts about food in the 1500 Era when Queen Isabells. When Queen Isabells what?? Don't leave me in suspense! And remember, it's only important facts about food we're interested in. None of your trivial food facts, please.

rolls pieres what did he do. Do you think that's meant to be Robespierre?

edward the sixth's (real) father. You mean it wasn't Henry VIII? Tsk, that naughty Jane Seymour.

german car dismantlers west cowick web address. Somehow, I don't think this blog proved particularly helpful there. And how on earth did the search engine bring up my blog from that combination?

torture red hot poker anus. The number one search term, or some combination thereof, which brings on average a dozen or two visitors to the blog every day!

There are a few that make me go ummm, huh?

isabella letter the author from the big lie pictures

pubescent girls great wolf lodge

holy roman mad Joan born garderobe

donald's french nephew sounds like a niece?

illegitimate daughter with Method Man,

if James is 5 and henry 3 and Edward 2. who is number 1

And in other news:

20th December will be the 680th anniversary of Edward II's funeral. Or will it? :-)

Also, I forgot to write a post in early December to mark the 700th anniversary of the great jousting Tournament of Wallingford, held by Piers Gaveston to celebrate his marriage to Margaret de Clare. Around 200 knights attended, but not, apparently, Edward II, whose itinerary shows him to have been at King's Langley, and who thus missed the chance to see his beloved send some of the great men of the realm sprawling in the mud. Bet he was gutted. They did spend Christmas 1307 together though, at Wye in Kent. 700 years ago. Sigh.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


Anonymous said...


Happy winter holidays!

Susan Higginbotham said...

Poor William Wallace! Not only does he have some pretty bad manors, he doesn't get to sleep with Isabella. Who probably put on Piers Gaveston's bikini just to taunt him.

Word verification: Wohemjf. Sounds like something from Carla's blog :)

Gabriele Campbell said...

Oh dear, I don't think I want to know what search terms bring people to my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

That was fun! The mind boggles....

Thanks for all your hard work this year Alianore. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say...we can't wait to read more in 2008!

Merry Christmas everyone...sadly no chance of snow in Australia...just nice hot sun and swimming!

Daphne said...

Hope you have a happy holiday!

Kathryn Warner said...

Elflady and Daphne: same to you!

Susan: *giggles*

Gabriele: the mind truly boggles, doesn't it?! And there were a few others not fit to be printed. ;)

Kate: enjoy the sunshine, and think of us all up here shivering! ;)

Carla said...

Happy Christmas, Alianore!

Carla said...

PS - When you get back, you may like to know that I've awarded you a Roar for Powerful Words, complete with free psychedelic lion :-)

Kathryn Warner said...

Happy Christmas and thank you, Carla!

Anonymous said...

Gradually working my way through your fascinating blog. As a quiz and train buff, the answer to the last query used as a search term is Thomas the Tank Engine!


(a descendent of Theobald de Verdun and Maud Mortimer via the de Baskervilles of Herefordshire and the Ducketts of Calne, Wiltshire. And several 18/19c ancestors on the other side of my family were from Brotherton, although they were boatmen rather than royal dukes...)