12 March, 2009

Inspirational Blog Searches

Edward II's inspirational poster, from Motivator, via Susan Higginbotham:

Some blog searches from the last few days:

Edward II really deformed?

was edward ii selfish? Yup, probably.

why was king II edward week

kind edward II Actually, Edward was extremely kind and generous when he felt like it. Also extraordinarily vindictive, of course.

Edward II in sympathetic terms

what good things did edward ii do for england Abdicate?

the ghost of the King Edward who was horrificly died in the Berkely Castle

Edward II sop dancer
why was edward second's reign a disaster in 1323 Only in 1323?

Eleanor of Woodstock naked


marguerite de valois + obesity

Hugh Despenser the Younger got his c*ck cut off (Without the asterisk.) The number of people who hit this blog looking for information about Hugh Despenser's genitals is quite astonishing.

hugh le despenser 2006 bones

queen isabella 1 rein spain

what was spain like in 1326?

Did William Wallace and the Queen of Edward 2 of England have a child together Here we go again.

lord brother marries sister england

are elizabeths sometimes called margaret?

altogether how many men were killed during corfe castle

what happened when caernarfon castle was burnt in 1294 Umm, it burnt?

why was eynsford castle not used after 1312

"poor alice" dumped

cool names for quake

insulting nicknames for men from Herefordshire

insulting names for tall people

what is queen isabella a lover of? Money, jewellery and Roger Mortimer, not necessarily in that order.

isabella the she wolf carpet plantagenet I assume 'carpet' was meant to be 'Capet'.

what crimes is Queen Isabella of france charged with

anyone think queen isabella of castile was horrible/

isabella tart

queen isabellas inventions

queen isabella's mom and dad

What is an interesting story on queen isabella

piers gaveston soap opera

Gloucester Cathedral nicknamed king of games

what are some interesting facts about polled herefords? I don't even know what 'polled herefords' are.

Ferrando Valentin is the king of England

1332 god v ispaniq

la grace de dieu lamps how much are they worth

in 1296 to 1327 between england and scotland what happend

medieval execution of women pictures

when does Edward first bite Isabella Clearly a reference to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series about vampires (the main characters are called Edward and Bella), but that one certainly gave me a vivid mental image.


Susan Higginbotham said...

Edward II week sounds like an excellent idea!

On the other hand, insulting tall men from Herefordshire sounds a little risky. Unless you're packing a polled hereford to keep you safe.

Carla said...

You missed a line from the poster; shouldn't it continue:

...but don't be surprised if you come to a sticky end.

BTW, I believe a polled Hereford is a type of Hereford cattle bred without horns. Read all about it here

Kathryn Warner said...

Susan: yeah, let's start an Edward II week!

Carla: ah, but that wouldn't be very inspirational. :)

Gabriele Campbell said...

Gods, some of those are hilarious.

You should rewrite the story of Edward and Isabella (and Piers, and Hugh and all those gay ... em, merry men) with vampires. That would sell. :)

Anerje said...

Some of them are so bizarre!

Eleanor of Woodstock - naked? WHAT?

I do like 'Piers Gaveston - soap opera' - I think he would as well!

And 'Isabela - tart' ROTFL!

Anonymous said...

Loved the idea as Isabella as a Carpet.

I am sure Mortimer walked all over her....

Jules Frusher said...

I think we should have an Edward II week too - any idea what we could do to celebrate it? ;-)

I love 'are Elizabeths sometimes called Margaret' and when 'does Edward first bite Isabella ' - oh the picture I have in my mind!

Gabriele Campbell said...

That's the true reason for their troubles. Ed was a vampire (as were Hugh, the Dunheved gang and some others) and Isa is Buffy's mom. No wonder they didn't get along. :)

Alianore, there's a litte award waiting for you on my blog.

Barbara Martin said...

Ah, Carla beat me to it about the polled Herefords.

Very interesting blog you have here on all things Edward II.

Kathryn Warner said...

Edward and Isabella etc as vampires - now there's a novel that'll write itself. :-)

Thank you for the award, Gabriele!

Barbara: thanks for dropping by, and glad you like the blog.

Christy K Robinson said...

Well, Edward DID disappear from society. Isabella supposedly lies under a parking lot or grocery store. Mortimer MIGHT be buried at Wigmore with his ancestors, or in Shrewsbury, but who really knows? Mortimer's name etymology is "dead water," like a stagnant pond.

That's enough conjecture for me, that they're all undead vampires who needed cover stories in medieval England.