09 May, 2009


First news: I've decided to set up another website about Edward II, because I'm sick to death of all the inaccurate, uninformed and downright invented crap spewed out about him in books and online, such as the recent book which says that Isabella was besieged in the Tower of London by the earl of Pembroke in 1321, and the recent blog post which confidently asserts that Edward confined Isabella to the Tower in 1324/25 - I mean, where do people get this stuff? I want to flood the internet with correct information about Edward II, and I am a Woman On A Mission. (And possibly deranged, given how much time I spend obsessing about people who lived 700 years ago, but hey, at least I'm passionate.)

Second, great news: a Bristol film company is making a film about Edward II escaping from Berkeley Castle! It's called Uncertain Proof and features Manuele Fieschi, an Italian priest who wrote to Edward III in about 1336/37 to tell him that his father had escaped from Berkeley, went to Corfe Castle and then Ireland, visited the Pope in Avignon and ended up in Italy. (The letter is historical, not the scriptwriter's invention - you can see it here.)

The film tells the story of Fieschi, who finds clues which suggest Edward was not murdered at Berkeley, and becomes obsessed with tracking down the former king in the mountains of Italy. Events of Edward's life, his love for his favourites, Hugh Despenser's execution and so on, appear in flashback. Wonderful news! There's a short article about the film here, and lots more information here (PDF file; scroll down to page 18).

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Edward II Hampshire contact details If anyone knows how to contact Edward II in Hampshire, or indeed anywhere else, let me know immediately.


Rowan said...

Awesome news!
I am looking forward to both! :-)

Susan Higginbotham said...

Looking forward to it! (And to the cool Edward name you pick for it.)

Unknown said...

This is wonderful news. Edward is definitely not going to be murdered in my story of him. Another website? It shall be added to my bookmarks forthwith!!!! Well, at least once it's up and running ;)

PAG said...

Oooops...responded under my son's account by mistake. PAG is so much more distinguished ;)

Satima Flavell said...

Can't have too many good history websites, sez I. Go for it!

Jules Frusher said...

That film certainly looks promising (sez she with fingers crossed) - and bristol is just down the road from me too. Might be worth an e-mail.

And, as always, really great searches - I love the silver spoons with robed men on the end one - I have a few of those in my kitchen drawer too!

As for the new website - yes, I shall be looking into ways to make it look fantastic over the next month!

Kate Plantagenet said...

Great news re new Edward II site. Can't wait to see what you two dynamic women will come up with! My favourite search was the youtube medieval. Oh I wish there had been such a thing at the time. I am sure Edward would have been blogging whilst on the run after his escape. A blog to annoy Roger and Isabella called (with respect to Carmen Sandiego) "Where in the world is Edward II". Wonderful stuff.

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, all! I'm glad people think the website is a good idea, and that Lady D are I are dynamic, rather than bonkers. ;)

Anerje said...

You 2 certainly are dynamic! Good luck with the new website - keep spreading th truth!:) Great news on the tv programme as well!

Love the 'Piers Gaveston - welsh' search - and no, it wasn't me:)

Paul said...

Dynamic and bonkers maybe? Good luck with the new site.

The film sounds great too although I was a bit downheartened to see mention of the red-hot poker. Although I suppose the premise is Fieschi showing that to be untrue.

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Anerje! As far as I can tell, it's going to be a dramatic film rather than a factual one. Wonder who thought Piers might be Welsh?? There's a thought!

Paul: meh, OK, we can be both. ;) I think they're going to show the red-hot poker death (not in close-up, I hope - bleugh) then Fieschi finds out later that it wasn't Ed II at all.

Susan Higginbotham said...

A couple of episodes ago on "The Tudors" the scriptwriters actually brought out a red-hot poker and used it Edward II-style. Someone must have been reading his Marlowe.