11 October, 2010


Just to be going on with until I've finished writing the next post, here are some blog searches from the last few days...

edward 3rd how to get scotlend Learning to spell it correctly might be a start.

how old was edward the second when he took the thrown It really amazes me how many people don’t know the difference between 'throne' and 'thrown'. Or rain, rein and reign, come to that.

Robin Hood Edward II gay Google brings up this post of mine as its first result for that search.

what happened 700 years ago Why, there was the grat famin in north yorkshire

13 june 1348 london, england Remember, that’s London, England, not London, Arizona or London, New South Wales or London, Alberta.

Why was Mortimer and Isabella covered in flour? I really boggled at that one, then realised it’s probably a reference to a scene at the end of Derek Jarman’s 1991 film 'Edward II'.

compare king edward 11 and mortimer Well, Roger Mortimer was A Hetero Manly Virile Stud-Muffin Hetero Hero Who Is Made Of Stud-Muffinly Hetero Manliness. And of course a Lusty Adventurer. And he put Edward III on the throne, which led to: edward III rise of consideration

John Fitzalan and Isabelle de Mortimer relationship with shakespeare Now there’s an interesting-sounding ménage à trois.

gaveston tells edward about isabella and mortimer quote "Oi, Ned, your wife's having it off with that Mortimer bloke! Oh, no, wait, I’ve been dead for a decade and a half by the time that starts."

In the 'Huh?' category:

clothes that highlight our ancestors

Instead of children Castilian

addressing letters to "II"

edward II childhood photo Yes, that’s 'photo'.

In the 'Answers on a postcard, please' category:

what was the relationship with edward the 5 and elizabeth the 1st

what is caernarfon castle heights?

edwards vi hobbies

In the 'I really don't want to know' and 'Huh?' categories:

Isabella of Hainault incest

amatory woman argasm sex

robin hod sex

entrails removed from body during fire death on scaffold

parfit lsons sex

young sex Ferancy


Rowan said...

Oh my...
I am relieved that I am not the only one who finds such weird searches.
Greetings to you and a lovely day.

Anerje said...

Very funny - and clever of you to work out the flour connection between Mortimer and Isabella.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. What a great start to my day! What the heck is Ferancy???!! Your blog searches scare me a bit...

Kate Plantaganet
(I don't know why blogger wouldn't let me sign in as me - so I say :P)

Clement Glen said...

It just makes you wonder what planet some of these people live on!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Ashmodai, and a lovely day to you too! I'm also glad I'm not the only one who gets such bizarre searches! :)

Thanks, Anerje! For a few moments, it was really 'Huh???' until I remembered the scene!

Kate, goodness only knows what/who Ferancy is - sounds like a French nobleman?? Maybe??

Clement, just my thinking too! :-)

Gabriele Campbell said...

Some people seem to be obssessed with sex, judging from those searches. And I bet they're very disappointed when they don't find naughty pics on your blog. ;)

Carla said...

Some of these are seriously weird

Kathryn Warner said...

Carla, they really are, aren't they???

Gabriele, I sometimes feel from the searches that I must be running a porn blog! I get quite a few I wouldn't repeat here! :-)