24 November, 2010

Blog Searches and Misinformation

Blog searches!

best answers for people born 14 september is smarter than poeple born9 october  Actually, people born on 30 June are the smartest.  (The fact that this is my birthday is completely irrelevant to this theory, of course.)

why did Queen Isabella prefer tall beds  This one has hit the blog before, lots of times, and I'm still baffled as to what it means.

a story about crime and punish ment in the sory called warwick%

photos of edward11 at bannockburn

interesting things that had happened in the 1330

henry viii perverted treatment of catherine howard

statue leon cathedral man castille boy

who is king edward the 2 of england and what did they did

i am writing a letter to queen isabella  Good idea, as long as you don't expect her to write back.

naughty history stuff

pictures of queen isabella in her casket

nasty robin

dutchess elenor percy picture

feeble lazy kingship "edward ii" bruce

most important events of edward III

william wallace and esabella

what did queen isabella do to poor people  Well, she imprisoned eighteen children in Chester Castle in the summer of 1327 as hostages for the good behaviour of the townspeople, who had been "disobedient and ill-behaved."

what did queen isabella believe in  Imprisoning children because some people in the town where they lived had been "disobedient" towards her.  (Funny the way Edward II is often slated for imprisoning some of the wives and children of the Contrariants in 1322, but no-one notices that Isabella did the same thing, isn't it?)

who was the first woman to lead troops into battle in Europe She became a saint

did edward i sleep with isabella of france

Talking of which, here's a quotation from an information sheet apparently handed out at the Highland Games.  Read it and weep...

William Wallace "was not the father of Edward III but neither was Edward II the father of the child. He was totally gay and fathered no children. Isobel had a lover, Mortimer, but he neither was the father of Edward III. It is rumored that Edward I was the father by choice to keep his line going."

Someone actually printed this rubbish, someone who couldn't even spend twenty seconds checking Wikipedia for the birth and death dates of Edward I and III, and no doubt hundreds or even thousands of people read it and assumed it was true.  Sigh...

From another site: Isabella of France "eventually got rid of her husband’s first lover, his second lover, her husband and her own lover...she rid the country of Piers Gaveston and Hugh Despenser, two of the most reviled people in England, quashed wars with the barons, stopped on civil war by invading England with Mortimer, successfully negotiated treaties with France and Scotland and left the throne to her son who turned out to be a decent king...Oh sure, she wasn’t above drawing and quartering people who crossed her but they deserved it (Hugh Despenser was thought to have raped her)."

Bet you never knew Isabella 'got rid' of Piers Gaveston and Roger Mortimer, did you?  I'd love to know how Isabella 'quashed wars with the barons' and 'left the throne' to her son (it wasn't hers to leave!).  There's really no evidence that Hugh Despenser raped or sexually assaulted Isabella, and although he may have been a pretty unpleasant person, it's not fair to accuse him of such a serious crime when the only so-called evidence is Isabella's statement in a letter of February 1326 that Hugh "wished to dishonour us by his power" (qi nous voudrait deshonurer a son poiar), which is amply explained by Hugh's other actions towards her.

Talking of Hugh Despenser (the Younger), today is the 684th anniversary of his grotesque execution in Hereford.  RIP, Hugh!


Susan Higginbotham said...

RIP, Hugh! (And I hope those photographs from Bannockburn turn up, provided that they haven't faded too badly, of course.)

Kathryn Warner said...

Haha! It always amazes me how many hits the blog gets for 14C 'photos'! (In fact, there are no photos of Edward II at Bannockburn. He destroyed them all in embarrassment. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for my Thanksgiving gift :) These were particularly good this time - I very much like the grammar "what did they did". I will have to add that one to my collection.

Kathryn Warner said...

Oooh, happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth! Glad you liked the post! I like the non-standard grammar of 'what did they did', too - I'd be tempted to use it if I wasn't a teacher...;-)

Susan Higginbotham said...

Ah, so that's what happened to the photographs! Probably he did the same to all of those nude photos of Piers and Hugh.

Clement Glen said...

Some of them (questions??) are just beyond belief. It would be funny, if it wasn't so sad!

Kathryn Warner said...

Susan, oh my, that's a lovely thought... :-)))

Clement, it never fails to amaze me what goes on in some people's heads! ;)

Carla said...

Seriously weird (again!).

Perhaps whoever wrote the leaflet believed in reincarnation?

Gabriele Campbell said...

Ah, that explains the total lack of Varus battle photos as well. The few survivors who made it back to the Rhine deleted them from their camera chips.

And Arminius could never admit he got some Roman technology and hid the camera. It eventually became lost. Too bad.

Hannah Kilpatrick said...

Or possibly he posted the naked photos to Italy, to be picked up upon arrival. Naked pictures of men would be less remarked in Italy, after all - it had plenty already.

It counts as living chastely if you're just looking at photos of naked men, right?

So William Wallace had a relationship with someone called Esabella? Maybe that's where this whole confusion started...

Kathryn Warner said...

Carla, hehe, maybe! Or the ability to freeze sperm many centuries earlier than we thought, perhaps...?! :-)

Gabriele, I think there are a few plot bunnies there. :)

Hannah, ohhhh, I definitely agree that merely looking at pics of naked men counts as chastity! And I'm sure you're right that Ed sent them on to Italy, to peruse at leisure. Hmmm, yes, presumably 'Esabella' is a completely different person to Isabella of France...