06 April, 2011


Oh dear, I've really been neglecting the blog lately!  :(  I don't even have a proper post today, either.  Apologies; life seems to be getting in the way at the moment.

So in the absence of a post about Edward II or an aspect of his reign or someone else who lived then, here are a few links to other sites:

- Alan Flower of History and the Sock Merchant hosted an excellent History Carnival recently.

- My blog, and Hannah's blog, get a nice mention here.

- A great post about Edward II by Martin Porter.

- I've discovered the Alternate History Discussion Board lately, which is very active and has some fascinating 'what if' threads, including: what if Edward II had been more competent and what if Edward I had outlived him?

- More generally, The Guardian has had a few articles recently about history and the teaching of it in schools; see here, here, here and here (as usual in The Guardian, the comment threads below the articles are well worth a read too).

- A production of Marlowe's play about Edward II, updated to Latin America (with Edward renamed Eduardo and Piers Gaveston Gustavo), is on at the Rose Theatre, directed by Constanza Hola Chamy.

- And last but certainly not least: The Daisy and the Bear, K. L. Clark's hilarious historical spoof set in the fifteenth century (it's brilliant; see her blog for extracts), is now available to buy on Lulu.


Ragged Staff said...

Gosh, Kathryn! Thanks! :-D

Kathryn Warner said...

You're very welcome! :)

Anerje said...

Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

There is a US company that sells CDs and DVDs of university level courses in many subjects. I have noticed that the history lecturers seem to think that they have to justify why anyone would want to study their subject - such as English history or the history of ancient Rome! Lecturers in other subjects, such as physics, music, philosophy etc realize that their fields are worthy of study. I think this is a sad comment on our current values - that history is no longer seen as being relevant.