23 September, 2011

Blog Break And Pics

Wigmore Castle, Herefordshire, which belonged to Roger Mortimer.
 I'm off on my holidays again, so won't be able to update the blog for a while - in the meantime, there are hundreds of old posts to read, linked in the sidebar.  :-)  See you soon!
Wigmore Castle.
Inner bailey of Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire.
Ludlow Castle.

Ludlow Castle.
Berkeley Castle, with the keep on the right (where Edward II was supposedly imprisoned in 1327).

Tomb of Hugh Despenser the Younger, Tewkesbury Abbey.
The site of Hanley Castle, Worcestershire, which belonged to Hugh Despenser the Younger.
Moat of Hanley Castle.

What Hanley Castle once looked like.


Susan Higginbotham said...

Have a great time! I still get a chuckle out of Hugh's fire extinguisher--how nice of the abbey to provide for his fire-fighting needs throughout eternity.

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Susan! Yes, it's great, isn't it - always makes me smile too. :)

Kathryn Warner said...
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Rowan Lewgalon said...

Have a tremendously great time, dear!
And greetings to England from me!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks so much, dear Rowan! Yes, I will! :)

Anerje said...

Enjoy your break! That pic makes me want to visit Berkely again!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Anerje! Me too! :)

Gabriele Campbell said...

Enjoy your holiday.

Kate S said...

That extinguisher is just brilliant. Have a great holiday, Kathryn!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thank you, Gabriele and Kate! :-)