22 July, 2012

A New Novel And Recent Blog Searches

Here's a shout-out for an excellent new novel: Elizabeth Ashworth's latest, An Honourable Estate, which is set in 1315 during the rebellion of Adam Banastre in Lancashire.  (Where I was born.)  Hmmmm, that reminds me actually, I've never written a blog post about the rebellion.  *makes mental note*  If you're on Facebook, there's a page about the novel here.  Thank you to Elizabeth for mentioning me and my blog in the author's note, and so glad you found it helpful.  The novel looks terrific and I'm really looking forward to reading it.

I haven't done a weird blog search post for a while, so here are a few recent ones:

edward ii rain Either a reference to the terrible weather of the mid-1310s, or a misspelling of 'reign'. Knowing the internet, probably the latter.

uses of lady for princes in middle ages  

edward ii naked men Sounds like fun.

neath abbey kathryn warner I've never been there, unfortunately, but nice that you're thinking of me

edward ii is dead I'm afraid he is, yes.

whp a actually write ten commandments

what was the great european famine It was a great famine, in Europe.

this is a brilliant post, im really glad i found it thank you  Why, thank you!

I have absolutely no comment on the next few searches:

did king henry ii have sex with his son

the sexlife of robin hood

margaret of anjou incest with son

cornwall "marry your cousin"

married sibs hcp porphyria english

in which shakesoeare play did a king die from poker in rectum  Not Shakespeare, Marlowe.

english king smothered to death by a table

does william wallace have kids
As he's been dead for 707 years, I don't think 'does' is quite the word you're looking for.

edward ii threw out of window That reminds me of a question someone asked me on Facebook recently, whether Edward II threw one of his own sons out of the window for failing to answer a question correctly. Where do people find this stuff?

scenes from the tudors involving a red hot poker
edward the second must have felt during his execution

braveheart senator quoate to queen

why wasn't edward iii child king

king edward ii songs about hanging  Wow, they sound hilarious.

his dog king alfonso

royal family impaled on red hot poker up the ass
Good grief, not all of them? What a tragedy.

who was king of England in 1315 Wait, don't tell me, I know that one!

what year was edward ii crowned  I know that one too!  Yay!

monarch who changed the calendar in 1300's Hey, Edward, what have you done to the calendar? It's all messed up.  Is it last Sunday today or what?

being king sucks Most definitely. Nice clothes, though.

how many steps are there in caernarfon castle From personal experience, I can answer this: lots. Really, really lots.

batholomew badlesmere was gloucester's knight he earned an ignominious name at bannockburn in 1314 when he left his lord to be killed  All of that is true.  At least, according to a poem written a few years later.

Elizabeth  in Whales 1360 s Had 3 Husbands  That'll be the 154,857th time someone who can't spell 'Wales' has found my blog, then.  Is it really that difficult?


Anerje said...

I will keep a look out for the new novel. And I always love the blog searches. Maybe the 'out the window' was a reference to the dreaded scene in Braveheart where a character meant to be Piers is thrown out of the window by Edward Ist?

Kathryn Warner said...

Yes, I think it must be a ref to that horrible scene, Anerje. :-(

Anonymous said...

hahaha, robin hood! More like Men in Tights :D

And good grief! Not the poker in the Tudors! Sick of them both!

Kathryn Warner said...

Mwhahaha! :)

Ohhhh, me too... :/