08 October, 2015

I Am In Italian Newspapers

Edited to add: I'd also like to thank Kathleen Guler for this fab review of my book Edward II: The Unconventional King!

It's rather exciting to be in Italian newspapers! :) The first one here is from Pavia, and is an interview kindly translated for me by Ivan Fowler of the Auramala Project, about Edward II's survival in Italy (the headline says 'Edward, the king who escaped to Oltrepo', Oltrepo being an area of the province of Pavia and where the hermitage of Sant'Alberto di Butrio is situated).  On 22 September, I spoke at the Salle Teresiano at the university of Pavia, a gorgeous old library, about Edward and his afterlife in Italy.  

The others are from Vercelli.  There are some lovely pics at the end of the article (here), including of His Excellency the archbishop of Vercelli who introduced my talk, and of me signing autographs.  My talk was called (in Italian) 'Edward II, the king who died twice, and the bishop of Vercelli Manuele Fieschi', which you can see in the headline.

This was the article in a Vercelli paper announcing my forthcoming presentation, also headlined 'The mystery of the king who died twice':

And another one from Vercelli!

Last but most definitely not least, in the national paper La Stampa! :)


Kasia Ogrodnik said...

How very exciting! Congratulations, Kathryn :-)

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Kasia! I'm so thrilled! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are getting some well-deserved recognition!


Anerje said...

Absolutely fabulous! Wonderful news for you - congratulations - although you've earned it! Why don't British newspapers and mags pick up on this fascinating story of Edward's survival?!

Sami Parkkonen said...

This is great ! "MASSIMA ESPERTO!" Si si si!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, everyone! :)