08 April, 2016

History Essay Prize; Book Reviews

I'd like to draw an exciting new history prize to your attention: The Mortimer History Society Essay Prize. To quote from the website: "Essays will be accepted on: any aspect of the medieval Mortimer family of Wigmore (and its cadet branches, eg Chirk, Chelmarsh) and its impact on the history and culture of the British Isles, and / or any aspect relating to the history, economy, society and culture of the medieval Marches of Wales, between 1066 and 1500." For more info, see here and here. If you read this and know anyone who might be interested, please do pass on the information to them! Entries must be submitted by 16 December 2016, and the competition is open to amateur historians, not just PhD candidates or more established academics.

It's great to see your own work reviewed by experts in the field in academic history journals, so I'm delighted to see that a few weeks ago my Edward II biography, along with Sara Cockerill's The Shadow Queen about Edward's mother Eleanor of Castile, was reviewed by Andrew Spencer in the English Historical Review. And even more excitingly, this month it's reviewed in Speculum by none other than Professor Seymour Phillips, who knows more about Edward and his reign than anyone on the planet. Fantastic! A few months ago, it was also reviewed by Professor J. S. Hamilton, Piers Gaveston's biographer, in The Medieval Review


sami parkkonen said...

You as The Expert are getting the recognition you so rightly deserve! WUHHUUUUUUU!

or like we used to scream as kids in northern suburbs of Helsinki back in the 60's:


chris y said...

Very good notices, as far as I could read them (the first one appears to be truncated on line). Congratulations!

Anerje said...

I agree with Sami - you are the number 1 expert as far as I'm concerned. Can't read all the review but what I can read is very good - your bios on everyone in Edward's reign are superb!

Goatberry said...

Such good things to hear about your work! I fully expected that they would, but how incredibly exciting.