19 June, 2016

19 June 1312: Murder of Piers Gaveston

Today marks the 704th anniversary of the murder of Edward II's beloved Piers Gaveston, earl of Cornwall. Here's a list of my previous posts about it:

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On a much lighter note, today is also the 703rd anniversary of Edward, clearly enjoying himself during his and Isabella's extended visit to her homeland and not in the mood for moping around. paying a group of performers to dance for him naked in Pontoise on the first anniversary of Piers' death. Now that's the way to do it.


Anerje said...

Piers no doubt would have wholeheartedly agreed it was a suitable way to remember him!

Anonymous said...

Great post ... and I agree that Piers would believe it was a suitable remembrance.


sami parkkonen said...

I think Piers is, where ever he is, pretty proud that he became immortal even this way. After all, he was not too modest chap alive, so I think he is happy that he is much better remembered than those who actually killed him. A peacock such as him always knew how to make others look like fools and who was not affraid to joke about the barons and whom ever, I think he lets them know this fact over on the Otherside too.