02 April, 2017


Apologies for not updating the blog more regularly; I've been really busy lately, had visitors, and am still going through the long and painful bereavement process.

Just to let you know, I was commissioned to write another piece for BBC History Magazine, this time for their 'historical holiday' series. I chose the fabulous Spanish city of Seville, an ancient, beautiful and fascinating place with strong links to Edward II: his maternal grandfather Fernando III of Castile and Leon is the patron saint of the city. The piece will appear in the May edition of the magazine, and will be out later this month. Here's a short preview!


Anerje said...

Is it the copy with Charles II on the cover? I'll look forward to it.

Kathryn Warner said...

Yes, that one!

sami parkkonen said...

We are faithful readers and very patient, you have other things in life too so we can wait.

Unknown said...

For the convenience of your blog readers, I thought I might post this. If it isn't OK, please delete it: