20 May, 2017

My Books

In case anyone is keeping score :), here are my existing and future books! (Note: the titles of all books after number 3 are subject to change!) Long Live the King: The Mysterious Fate of Edward II will be out in the UK in twelve days.

1) Edward II: The Unconventional King (published October 2014)

2) Isabella of France: The Rebel Queen (pub. March 2016)

3) Long Live the King: The Mysterious Fate of Edward II (to be pub. 1 June 2017)

4) A True King’s Fall: The Life of Richard II, King of England 1377-1399 (to be pub. 15 October 2017)

5) Valour and Vainglory: The Life of Hugh Despenser the Younger (to be pub. probably September 2018)

6) Blood Roses: The Houses of Lancaster and York 1245-1415 (to be pub. late 2018 maybe)

7) Affluence and Abduction: The Lives of the de Clare Sisters, 1292-1360 (to be pub. probably September 2019)

8) Philippa of Hainault: Queen of Edward III, Mother of the English Nation (to be pub. around October 2019)

9) Time-Honour’d Lancaster: John of Gaunt, Grandfather of Europe (to be pub. around October 2020)

Phew! That's a lot of writing! I'd better go and get on with it :-)


sami parkkonen said...

That is wonderful!! I'll be waiting for those, specially the ones of Edward and his life/death and Roses stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of writing in a very small space of time...

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Sami!

Anon: yes, it really, really is. I'm extremely busy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant timing - the third book will be published a week before my birthday. Amanda

Anerje said...

You're going to be very busy! Can't wait😀

Anonymous said...

That is indeed a lot of writing, how do you do it? I am so impressed.

I am especially looking forward to your book on Richard II, can't wait to read it.

Happy writing!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading them ... I've read the first two, and both were wonderful!


Kathryn Warner said...

Thank you, everyone! ;-) Yes, I am manically busy writing, and still teach as well! :)

Lisa said...

I have a technical question. Do you use notecards?

Oh, and by the way I will buy each and everyone you write!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thank you, Lisa! Actually no, not usually.