13 October, 2017

Mortimer History Society Essay

I haven't been around to update the blog for absolutely ages - apologies for the long delay, and I hope to rectify the situation very soon! On Saturday 7 October, I gave a talk about Isabella of France in Ludlow, Shropshire, at the kind invitation of the Mortimer History Society. See here for Anerje's take on it, and here for more information. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and have now joined the Society, and hope to be as active a member as possible. Many thanks to Hugh Wood, Philip Hume, Fran Norton - who very kindly took me for dinner in Ludlow the evening before - Stanton Stephens of the Castle Bookshop in Ludlow, and all the other MHS members who made me feel so welcome.

On 7 October, we were also treated to an excellent talk titled 'Networking the Marches' by Matthew Lampitt, winner of the first Mortimer History Society's essay prize. The second round of the essay competition is taking place this year: the deadline is 1 December 2017. Information here, here and here. If you're a hsitory researcher, why not give it a go and try to win the £750 first prize?

Talking of the Castle Bookshop in Ludlow, I was delighted to see my three books for sale there, and also spotted Long Live the King for sale in the gift shop of Ludlow Castle!


sami parkkonen said...

The Expert has arrived! I am so happy for your hard work for years is beginning to bear some fruit and you still keep on going! Tons of admiration!

Anerje said...

It was a brilliant day out! Your talk was riveting!

Anonymous said...

Your talk on Isabella was excellent, Kathryn.

Though Matthew Lampitt's talk and essay on Networking the Marches was also incredibly interesting, it did not win first prize in the Mortimer History Society essay competition: that went to Ian Bass and his essay on the cult of Thomas of Cantilupe. Both essays are printed in the first edition of the Mortimer History Society Journal and available through the society's website with other excellent entrants! (Just in case Ian Bass reads your blog......)

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, all! Anon, ah, thanks for the correction too! :-) Glad you enjoyed the talk. (Ian, if you see this, sorry!)