09 May, 2018

This Week in Edward II News

Tomorrow, on Thursday 10 May, I'm flying to Cologne to be interviewed for a documentary about Edward II being made for the German-French TV channel Arte (see here). A couple of other British historians and several German historians are also taking part. More news here as and when!

My Hugh Despenser the Younger biography - the first ever of him, amazingly enough - will be published on 30 October in the UK. It's on Goodreads, though isn't available for pre-order yet - link here when it is! This is the cover:

And my sixth book Blood Roses will probably also be out this October - here's the cover! It's also on Goodreads now.


Anerje said...

Sounds very exciting! I do hope it's shown on British tv! Looking forward to your books as well!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you are so busy. I hope the Arte special will be on youtube ... and I look forward to reading the new books when they become available.


sami parkkonen said...

All I can say is <3