29 November, 2018

Lancaster and York Article; The Spellbinders Novel

Here is a link to an article I wrote about the houses of Lancaster and York for the BBC History Magazine website! Here is my book Blood Roses about the two houses before the Wars of the Roses, and oh, here is a link to Chris Brown's new book about Robert Bruce, that I'm looking forward to reading.

Links to two more articles I've written, for the History Press website: The House of Lancaster in Seven People; Edmund of Langley and his Children.

And my friend Aleardo Zanghellini has written a novel about Edward II, Piers Gaveston and Hugh Despenser the Younger, The Spellbinders, which I'm dying to read. Here it is on Amazon, and here is Aleardo's website dedicated to the book.


Anerje said...

I loved 'Blood Roses' - found out lots new information. Awaiting the arrival of 'The Spellbinders'!

sami parkkonen said...

History, oh how I love it. Thanks to people like you I find it even more interesting and spellbinding.

As for anyone out there:

if you have not read Kathryn's books, go get them. For a history fan they are a treat par none and for anyone they are a cornucopia of information. Highly recommend them to everyone interested in medieval world.