23 April, 2008

Blog Break and Searches

This will be the last post for a while, as I'm off on holiday on Thursday, to visit my parents in the Lake District. I would say 'Yay!' except that it's 20 or 22 degrees here (low 70s F) and sunny, and about 10 and raining in the Lakes. Typical.

Here's a post on weird blog searches. After a few weeks of really dull ones (I mean, hitting this blog by searching for 'Edward II' - where's the fun in that?) here are a few more interesting, recent ones that found this site. I think the prize for weirdness, though, goes to the search string that Ian Mortimer told me hit his website a couple of days ago: queen isabella - eaten by dogs. Poor Isabella!

queen isabella forced humiliation pics Please! This is a family blog.

queen isabella sex stories A pattern is emerging here. Honestly, the number of people who hit this blog searching for something sex-related is staggering. Most of them are not repeatable here. What do people expect from the blog - fourteenth-century porn?

pictures of murdered poeple I've said it before and I'll say it again: some people, oops, poeple, worry me.

junior does me

mistress hanging victims

emasculation by horses

King Edward II what kind of man was he?? I find the two question marks amusing.

wedding confession-how to conduct it "Before we exchange vows, there's something I have to tell you. I've always fancied your sister."

Did Edward II have a good look out of England In 1325, he took a good look over the Channel towards France and said "soddit, I'm not going over there."

some novels Gee, could you be a bit vaguer?

"laws that queen isabella's" Yes, that's exactly how it was typed.


"The Marches"+ what was built around them?

donees hair grees ???

gaveston's head in a basket

aura photos in gloucestershires

Sicily's Alfonso the Disparaging Was there really a king called 'the Disparaging'? What a great name. I can just see him walking around court belittling his courtiers, going "that surcoat you're wearing? It's crap. And your haircut? Crap, mate."

noble men of great character in history Remember, this search hit an Edward II blog. :-)

forty eight and knackered

john castile castille is common for virginia Umm, huh?

rules that queen isabella gave her "presents" They had to cost at least a hundred times most people's annual income?

10 Good things that Edward II did in his reign Ten?? You want ten?

examples of the bad things that Edward II did That's more like it.

was Edward II good with the country's money Does spending it all on Piers Gaveston count as 'good'?

Did edward II look after his empire

what were brothel tokens Don't think I want to know.

kid facts about queen isabella

the most important character in edward the second is gaveston Don't tell Isabella.

Steven Waddington naked

fun facts about what people eat in london

what did Joan of Kent's attire look like?

does Joan e. Higginbotham have any brothers or sisters?

methods of address how to called princess or greeting

how many different way can you spell Aleyse

Events with queen isabel changing us

1330s treatments for mental illnesses

mother marrying brother in law during middle ages

insulting nicknames for sarah

how to determine insulting nicknames If you're the earl of Warwick or Lancaster, and the man talking to you is Piers Gaveston, then it's an insulting nickname.

what king got killed by a hot poker up the butt

mediaeval king who died of poker up bottom

queen isabella pregnant with william wallace baby Here we go again. *Sighs*

Last but not least, I'd like to wish Edward II and Roger Mortimer whatever the opposite of 'Happy Belated Birthday' is - Friday 25 April is the day Edward turns 724, and Roger 721.
The next post will be on or about 7 May. See you then!


Jules Frusher said...

ROTFLMAO!! Those really cracked me up- the mysteries of Google searchbot, eh?

Have a great holiday! I'll try and make the sun come out for you - at least for a little bit ;-)

Gabriele Campbell said...

Tsk tsk, I had no Idea Isa and Mortimer were into kinky. :)

Have fun in the Lake District.

Susan Higginbotham said...

So all of the good ones have been going to your site!

Enjoy the holiday!

Kathryn Warner said...

If you have any influence with the weather gods, Lady D, please ask them to be nice to me. :)

Thanks, Gabriele and Susan!

Carla said...

Have a great time! I hope the weather is kind to you.

Anonymous said...


Happy birthday to Edward and Roger!

Enjoy the vacation!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Carla and Elflady!

Anerje said...

still giggling at '10 good things Edward II did'. As for Piers head in a basket - did they think there was an official photographer there?:) Will miss this blog!!! be of good cheer, Alianore - the weather has picked up!