07 May, 2008


Just come back from a very relaxing holiday, and, amazingly, the weather was much better than expected. After an Edward II-free few days - a very odd state of affairs, because believe me, it's extremely seldom that Edward is not taking up lots of space rent-free in my head - I'm not exactly in the right frame of mind to be writing a proper post, and one will follow at the weekend, I hope. In the meantime, some more search strings that have hit the blog in the last few hours....

king edward ii of europe and edward 2 europe king

the reign of william the secondfor child

game+rank+forbidden+Edwardii+not war like

edward the second love quotes

King Edward I fan sight
Love that misspelling.

why was king edwards nickname edward confession

Emasculation as
torture and medieval torture and emasculation


what kind of society would noblewomen live in Umm, noble society?

Pictures A Noble Women

what did a noblewoman do on a normal day

vindictive women of the fourteenth century

edward III isabellas point of view

thomas waite regicide what happened to his children

Normal blog service to be resumed asap!


Susan Higginbotham said...

Sandwich salvage? Maybe giving it to the dog after it's fallen on the floor?

Welcome back!

Gabriele Campbell said...

edward the second love quotes

Yes, can we have some of those? :)

Anerje said...

Welcome back!

and yes, I'd like to learn more about Ed's love quotes:)