01 May, 2016

Radio Interview And Italy

On Friday 29 April, Giles Brown at Talk Radio Europe kindly invited me onto his show to interview me about Isabella of France and my book about her. You can hear the interview here until Friday 6 May via Talk Radio's seven-day catch-up service: this is the 4pm to 5pm slot, and my segment starts at about 18 minutes and 50 seconds in. Bear in mind this was live, and I had no idea beforehand what Giles would ask me (well, obviously it would be about Isabella and Edward II...). Giles had done his homework and asked some great questions, and I really enjoyed it.

On Thursday this week, 5 May, I'm off to Italy again, yay. On Saturday 7 May I'll be giving a talk about Isabella of France and Edward II at the seminary in Vercelli, at the kind invitation of Gianna Baucero of the Chesterton Association and His Excellency the archbishop of Vercelli, Father Marco Arnolfo. On Wednesday 11 May, in the gorgeous Salone Teresiano (pics below) at the university of Pavia, a group of us will be discussing Edward II's survival in Italy,  an event arranged and moderated by Ivan Fowler (who'll be simultaneously translating between Italian and English) and my other good good friends at the Auramala Project. Please do read their blog posts if you're interested in Edward's post-1327 survival!

You can see a short video of my last trip to Italy here - this was a gala dinner held in my honour at the magical Ca' San Sebastiano in the hills of Montferrat (and see pic below). On Friday 6 May there's another gala dinner in my honour, this time held at Agriturismo Greppi, where I stayed for three nights last September. There are more pics of my last stay in Italy here and here. The debates and research into Edward II's fate are ongoing, you'll be glad to see!

Salone Teresiano

Salone Teresiano

Salone Teresiano
The seminary in Vercelli
Ca' San Sebastiano
My friend Gianna and I, holding each other's books (Gianna's is about Guala Bicchieri)
Signing autographs after my talk in Vercelli, haha


Anerje said...

How exciting! Can't wait to check out the radio interview.

Anerje said...

Wow - you got so much information in in 20 mins - and yes, he had done his homework! If only Edward could have gone on gardening leave - he would have been much happier!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks! And yes, I loved the gardening bit too! :)

sami parkkonen said...

Excellent interview which was no surprise as it was The Expert in the air!

Anonymous said...

Have a blast on your latest trip!