21 June, 2014

June Anniversaries

1 June 1300: Birth of Edward II's half-brother Thomas of Brotherton, earl of Norfolk and Earl Marshal, sixteen years younger than Edward, eldest child of Edward I and his second queen Marguerite of France.

2 June 1313: Edward and Isabella entered Paris during their long visit to France, to public acclaim.

5 June 1296: Death of Edward II's uncle Edmund, earl of Lancaster, Leicester and Derby, aged fifty-one, the younger brother of Edward I and youngest surviving child of Henry III and Eleanor of Provence.  Edmund married Blanche of Artois, dowager queen of Navarre, and had sons Earl Thomas and Earl Henry (and the obscure John, about whom I know practically nothing).

6 June 1333: Death of Edward II's twenty-year-old great-nephew William Donn de Burgh, earl of Ulster, eldest child of Edward's niece Elizabeth de Clare.  William's heir was his baby daughter Elizabeth, who married Edward III's son Lionel of Antwerp, duke of Clarence.

7 June 1329: Death of Robert Bruce, King Robert I of Scotland, aged not quite fifty-five (born 11 July 1274).  His son and heir David II was only five, and had married Edward II's daughter Joan of the Tower the year before.

7 June 1337: Death of William III, count of Hainault and Holland, whose daughter Philippa was married to Edward III.

8 June 1368: Death of Maurice, Lord Berkeley, whose father Thomas was the former Edward II's custodian at Berkeley Castle in 1327, and who married Hugh Despenser the Younger's daughter Elizabeth.  Maurice was also the grandson of Roger Mortimer.

13 June 1348: Death of Edward's first cousin Juan Manuel, lord of Peñafiel, Escalona and Villena (like Edward, a grandson of Fernando III), one of the greatest Spanish writers of the Middle Ages.

15 June 1330: Birth of Edward's eldest grandchild Edward of Woodstock, prince of Wales, duke of Cornwall and Aquitaine, father of Richard II.  He was the eldest child of Edward III, then aged seventeen, and Philippa of Hainault, then aged perhaps sixteen.

17 June 1239 (or rather, the night of 17/18 June): Birth of Edward's father Edward I, born at Westminster to Eleanor of Provence, queen of Henry III.

18 June 1318: Birth of Edward and Isabella's third child and first daughter Eleanor of Woodstock.

19 June 1312: Murder of Piers Gaveston, earl of Cornwall.

19 June 1313: Edward spent the first anniversary of Piers' death watching 54 naked dancers perform for him in France.

21 June 1377: Death of King Edward III, aged sixty-four (born 13 November 1312), eldest child of Edward II and Isabella of France.  He left his ten-year-old grandson Richard II as his heir.

23/24 June 1314: Battle of Bannockburn.  Which, though I'm not totally certain, I believe Edward II lost.  :-)  :-)

24 June 1314: Death of Edward II's nephew Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester, at Bannockburn.

23 June 1324: Death of Edward's kinsman and ally Aymer de Valence, earl of Pembroke.

24 or 25 June 1291: Death of Edward's paternal grandmother Eleanor of Provence, widow of Henry III, the only one of his grandparents Edward knew.

25 June 1308: Deadline for Piers Gaveston to leave England for his second exile (he actually left on the 28th).  Edward appointed him lord lieutenant of Ireland.

25 June 1319: Battle of Vega de Granada in Andalusia, at which two of Edward II's Castilian cousins, Don Juan and Don Pedro, were killed.

27 June 1296: Murder of Floris V, count of Holland, whose son and heir John I (born 1284) married Edward of Caernarfon's sister Elizabeth a few months later.

27 June 1309: Return of Piers Gaveston from his second exile.

28 June 1312: Edward left York and began the journey south to London after Piers Gaveston's murder, with the country teetering on the brink of civil war.

29 June 1317: Five years and ten days after Piers Gaveston's death, Edward ordered the abbot and convent of Thame to take on six additional monks "to celebrate divine service daily in the abbey for the souls of the king’s ancestors, and of Piers de Gaveston, earl of Cornwall."

29 June 1320: Edward paid liege homage to his brother-in-law Philip V of France for the lands he held of him, the duchy of Aquitaine and the county of Ponthieu.

30 June 1286: Birth of John de Warenne, earl of Surrey, who married Edward's niece Joan of Bar in 1306.  He died either on his birthday or the day before in 1347.

30 June 19??: My birthday :-)


Kasia Ogrodnik said...

How very poignant! Five years and ten days after Piers Gaveston's death and Edward still did not forget. I'm deeply moved.

I'm too preparing a post about June anniversaries :-) Should be ready on Monday.

Kathryn Warner said...

I agree, Kasia, and actually I've just realised I forgot a day in June 1326 when Edward did the same thing - fourteen years after Piers' death.

Looking forward to your post! :)

Kasia Ogrodnik said...

Fourteen years... Wow! I would like to know that someone will remember about me fourteen years after I'm gone.

June was an eventful month for Henry as well :-)

Kathryn Warner said...

That was love, real love :)

Sounds great! :)

Anonymous said...

June sounds like a busy month ... seriously, I think that Piers was the love of Edward's life. Also, happy birthday, Kathryn, in advance!


Kathryn Warner said...

Thank you, Esther! And yes, I totally agree!

Anerje said...

June was a very busy time for Piers - very mixed fortunes.

Welcome back to blogland!

Anerje said...

Edward must have dreaded that June 19th anniversary every year. I wish we knew what the wonderful tomb for Piers looked like.

Caroline said...

Now Edward, when we last met you promised me you would seriously consider moving forward with your life. Fourteen years is too long, much too long. And you said there was someone new but I wasn't clear if it was your niece or her husband or both. Now don't get me wrong, all sorts walk through my door and I'm not here to judge you but I do feel you are batting a little too close to home with this one.
I gather your wife has left you and has a new boyfriend and is denying you access to your son. I see so much of that and although the courts have their uses I would suggest that when she returns to England at the end of the summer you sit down and have a nice little chat and sort it out, just the two of you. You could pass the family business on to your son. Now that would be really liberating. Think what you could do, where you could go. The West Country is lovely at this time of year, or the seaside or perhaps the Continent. I'd recommend Italy for a really relaxing holiday.
Oh dear, time's up. See you again next year. And in the meantime, do think about what I've said.

Sami Parkkonen said...

Thats what I call information!

Your birthday was in 1990. This is just an estimate based on the appearance, naturally.

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, everyone! :-)