11 June, 2021

Blog Updates

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to update the Edward II blog for a few weeks, because my mother was taken seriously ill and was hospitalised on 8 May, and a few weeks later, on 31 May, she passed away. Her funeral took place three days ago, on 8 June, and as her only child, I arranged it and wrote and gave the eulogy. As I'm sure you understand, the worry over my mum's illness, and now my bereavement, have made it impossible for me to research and write blog posts. I do, however, hope to start updating the blog again sometime in the near future. So do please keep checking back, and in the meantime, I've posted something like 900 articles here, so I'm sure you'll find some interesting information to enjoy about Edward II and his fascinating life! All the best, Kathryn.