28 April, 2006

Answer to 'Anonymous' art historian, part 2

I've just realised that I have an image of Isabella from the original 1972 series of Les Rois Maudits.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your response to my request - I've duly included this image of Isabelle in my talk and, with your permission, would also like to include a 'screen shot' of your blog in the talk. I'm really intrigued with your blog and the comments of your respondents. Do you guys {clearly I'm American} have academic backgrounds? Have you read the 14th-century chronicles & documents [many printed in the Rolls series] on which so much is based? Finally, what is your opinion on Roy Haines' recent bio of Edward II?


Susan Higginbotham said...

Per your questions and speaking as one of the respondents here, I've read pretty heavily in this area but don't have an academic background.

I've read the Haines bio and found it useful, though if I hadn't had a fairly good grasp of Edward II's reign to begin with, I'd been completely lost, as it seemed to be geared toward an audience already familiar with the subject.

All but the simplest French and Latin is beyond me, so there's a lot in the Rolls I can't read. I've read what chronicles have been translated into English, however, and used the Close, Fine, and Patent Rolls heavily for my research in writing a novel.

Kathryn Warner said...

Hi, nice to see you again! Please feel free to use anything from the blog in your talk.

I have a BA in medieval history and an MA in medieval literature from a university in the UK. However, I wasn't particularly interested in Edward II at university - the interest developed much later, so I'm not sure if my degrees have helped me at all in writing the blog.

I've read a few of the sources, but in translation (thanks in large part to Susan above, who kindly sent me photocopies of many documents). My Latin is close to non-existent and my 14C French is, well, not all it could be! I can understand the gist, but that's about it. I have Pierre Chaplais's book on the correspondence written during the War of Saint-Sardos, and am very slowly making my way through it, trying to follow the French. I've read every book (fiction and non-fiction) on Ed II I can get my hands on.

About the Haines: I agree with Susan that it's really not for beginners! I found it excellent - there's a wealth of information just in the endnotes - but it annoys me that he cites a lot of sources in the original Latin and leaves them untranslated.

Did you know there's a new book on Ed II's reign coming out in July? Here's a link: http://www.boydell.co.uk/03153190.HTM

I realise you'd probably like to remain anonymous, but I'd love to hear more about your interest in Edward II and Isabella, and your own academic background! :)