17 May, 2007

Blog Break

This will be my last post till 1 June or thereabouts.

I'm delighted to see the results of my 'Fate of Edward II' poll, in the sidebar - fully 39% of you don't believe in the infamous 'red-hot poker' death. That's great, considering it's usually presented as the definitive truth!
I'm slightly less delighted with the 'least favourite king' poll, which Edward is leading. Grrr. Still, he's in second place behind Richard III in the 'favourite king' poll, so I suppose a lot of people have strong feelings about him - which I'm happy about, even if they're negative!

I updated my website a few days ago with some spiffy new colours - it's looking a lot better, I think...;) Still thinking about what else to put there...

Joanne Renaud (aka Suburbanbeatnik) has done a great illustration of Edward II and Piers Gaveston. Doesn't Piers look brilliantly handsome and haughty? Joanne says in the comments below the illustration that Edward and Piers need lots of love - I couldn't agree more! ;) This site, at least, is overflowing with Ned and Perot adoration. [Edward called Piers 'my brother Perot']. *Hugs them both*

Finally, take a look at Realm of Conjecture, a new blog by GeorgeD. You probably wouldn't guess from her name and her astonishingly good English that she's a native speaker of German. She's written a great first post about Jane Austen.

Talking about Germany, I'm always surprised to see that around 10% or 12% of my blog visitors come from there. Germany, a hotbed of Edward II interest! Who knew?!


Carla said...

If you're going on holiday, have a great time! Your website looks very smart, BTW.

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Carla! Yes, I'm off to the Lake District on a family visit (the weather forecast is atrocious, but that's to be expected...;)

Gabriele Campbell said...

I hope the weather will get better when I'm going to the Hadrian's Wall and York about the time you'll be back.

Have fun.

suburbanbeatnik said...

Wow, thanks so much for the shout out! I'm so glad you like my pic- I had fun doing it, and I'm really looking forward to doing the painting- I've already bought my supplies. (Did you know I've even been dreaming lately about Piers Gaveston? The mind's a funny thing... but I bet he'd be flattered!) Anyway, I also gave a shout out for you on my blog, because I like your writing so much. :)

Unfortunately, I still don't like Penman's writing, and I even tried to read one of her more recent books. (I go into greater detail in my latest entry.) In fact, I've read excerpts from Penman, and compared it to your writing, and the consensus among my friends is that you're much better than she is. So it's not just me. :D Finish that novel someday, so I can buy an autographed copy!

Kathryn Warner said...

Have a great trip, Gabriele! Amazingly enough, the weather is pretty good, a lot better than forecast - sunny and about 18/19 degrees.

Joanne- you're very welcome, and thanks a lot for returning the favour! Haha, I have dreams about Piers too, sometimes...;)

Looking forward to reading your Penman entry - sadly I don't have time now (no PC at my family home, so I'm writing this at my local library, and it's expensive and painfully slow). But wow, thanks a lot for your comments on my writing - and to your friends too! I can hardly believe it! ;)