23 September, 2008

Blog Break

This will be the last post for a while, as I'm off to Yorkshire on holiday, visiting lots of historical sites. Can't wait! The next post will be on or around 8 October, and I'll be posting pics (at least, I certainly hope so) of the following:

Knaresborough Castle
Sheriff Hutton Castle
Helmsley Castle
Pickering Castle
Rievaulx Abbey
Fountains Abbey
Byland Abbey
Kirkham Priory

And possibly a few more places, depending on how much time we have (and depending on the not terribly reliable Yorkshire weather!)

It probably didn't escape your notice that two days ago, 21 September, marked the 681st anniversary of Edward II's supposed murder at Berkeley Castle. Whenever, wherever and however he really died, it seemed as good a time as any for me to raise a glass in memory of the ineffectual, unpredictable and exasperating man I can't help being devoted to. RIP, Edward!


Gabriele Campbell said...

Enjoy your trip.

Jules Frusher said...

Have a great time. Sorry I couldn't make it to Yorks this time - I'm sure you're going to make me jealous when you get back about all the great places you've been to ;-)

andante said...

I'll raise a glass to Ed, too - and wouldnt it be fascinating to raise a glass with him?!!!

Enjoy the trip & return safely. I'll be waiting excitedly to see those pictures.

Susan Higginbotham said...

Have fun, and here's to Ed!

Anerje said...

Have a fantastic trip! Cheers Ed! (hic)

Christy K Robinson said...

When at Fountains, please blow a kiss from me at the effigy of Henry de Percy, Lord Alnwick, 1273-1314 (before high altar in church); and Roger de Mowbray, reportedly buried in the presbytery -- or in Palestine. I have some micro-microscopically short sections of their DNA in me.

I'm green with envy about your trip. Jade green, as a matter of fact, the color of my blouse today. Have a fantastic time in Yorkshire. I raise a glass to YOU for all your dedication to historical research.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time! We will miss your blog entries, but will be appeased by the photos upon your return.

To Ed and his advocate - Ms Alianore! *clinking noise!*

Carla said...

Have a lovely time!