04 March, 2009

Anagrams and Tombstones

Because I'm in a silly mood today, here's a silly post featuring anagrams and tombstones, and a link to Susan Higginbotham's post 'The Reign of Edward II as Told by LolCats'.

Courtesy of Anagram Genius:

Piers Gaveston:

So, regent's a VIP
O, VIP greatness

Piers Gaveston, earl of Cornwall:

Flawless evil or arrogant ponce
Farewell, arrogant VIP coolness
Now genial rascal perverts fool
Narrow, flavorless angelic poet
Love-lorn large wasps fornicate

Edward the Second:

Chewed, sad rodent
Chewed, sodden rat

Edward of Caernarfon, king of England:

Ranking wolf and offended arrogance
Flawed freak raging on cannon-fodder (Edward II at Bannockburn?)
An offended rancor of grand weakling

Isabella of France:

Affable, censorial
Noble facial fears

Isabella of France, queen of England:

An affable eloquence of slandering
An off-balance, fine, golden squealer
Slag conquered affable inane felon
An offendable, genial flea conquers

Roger Mortimer, lord of Wigmore:

I'm merrier or flogged tomorrow

Roger Mortimer, earl of March:

Trim, error-free macho glamor
Grrr! I'm a male comforter hero
Grrr! Carefree, immortal homo

Hugh Despenser the Younger:

Ugh! Gosh! Unrepented heresy
The sunny sheep grudge hero

Hugh Despenser the Younger, lord of Glamorgan:

Hugger-mugger on hero's daft, shapely Londoner
Sharp-nosedly flogged through green manure
O my God! Half-nude hero straggles up greenhorn
Sharp, tone-deaf, lush, gloomy, rugged greenhorn

And some tombstones courtesy of the Tombstone Generator, via Christy K. Robinson's Rooting For Ancestors:


Rowan said...

Edward's tombstone made my day. :-D

Susan Higginbotham said...

Love these!

Anerje said...

Piers - arrogant ponce?! hehehe! Great fun - Ed's tombstone is a cracker!

Christy K Robinson said...

Some of the anagrams resemble haiku or some bizarre poetic form. Will have to remember that widget if I play Scrabble!

I made a tombstone JPEG for my supervisor at work. He loved it.

Jules Frusher said...

I love those tombstones - especially Hugh's! OK, I'm just going to have to join in the fun now!

Anonymous said...

Best thing I've read all day, laughing out loud - thanks Alianore!

Satima Flavell said...

Going off to write my own epitaph now...:-)

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, all! :-)

Looking forward to it, Satima! ;)

Carla said...

Grea fun - and some are uncannily appropriate :-)

Kathryn Warner said...

Carla: exactly! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gods this is glorious! XD Thank you for making my day with this even though this had been written several years ago :D
I especially love the anagrams of "Roger Mortimer, Earl of March":
Grrr! Male comforter hero
Grrr! Carefree immortal homo
Now I can't get those 'contradictory' images of Roger out of my head... XD Oh the irony that Roger has so often been portrayed as the manly, virile, unequivocally heterosexual hero in recent historical fiction and in non-fiction, so yeah :3

Kathryn Warner said...

Hehehe, thanks! Some of them came out really well! :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! :) I agree, you should probably keep doing more of this 'fun stuff' to lighten up a bit and entertain us when things are getting a bit too serious and heated :D
BTW, is the author/historian who actually did call Roger Mortimer "manly, virile, unequivocally heterosexual, etc." Alison Weir in her 'biography' on Isabella? I quite liked her most recent biography on Elizabeth of York but her blatant biases against people like Anne Boleyn, Richard III, Edward II, Hugh le Despenser, and others which she very much employs in her non-fiction and which should be a no-no make me want to headdesk!

Kathryn Warner said...

Yes, that's the one! Unbe-freaking-lievable that such bigoted rot gets published in the 21st century. And 'Roger Mortimer was everything that Edward II was not: strong, manly, virile, unequivocally heterosexual...', even though numerous 14c chroniclers comment on Edward II's enormous physical strength. But obviously, in some people's minds gay/bi men are all feeble and limp-wristed, so Edward can't possibly have been strong and our manly like the über-hetero Roger. That sentence in the book still makes me want to throw things.