03 February, 2010

Garth Celyn, Links And Searches

Because I've really been snowed under at work this week and am now ill, here's a silly post of searches that have hit the blog recently, until I get my act together and write a proper post.

But firstly: a couple of my buddies on Facebook have started a campaign to raise money to protect and preserve Garth Celyn in Abergwyngregyn, North Wales - the home of the last Welsh Princes of Wales in the thirteenth century. If you'd like to make a donation, click here. And here's a link to the Facebook page (which I think you can access even if you're not a member of Facebook).

And secondly, a couple of new blogs to tell you about: the genealogist and historian Brad Verity, whom some of you will already know from soc.genealogy.medieval and his articles for the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, not to mention his brilliantly informative and perceptive comments on this blog lately, has set up his own blog called Royal Descent. Yay! Lots of well-researched and fascinating posts to look forward to. And Edward II's brother-in-law Louis X of France (1289-1316) has been reborn online and has his own blog, the excellently-subtitled General Disgruntlings Of An Agitated Monarch. Edward admits to a sneaking fondness for Louis, whom he knighted in June 1313 and who never invaded his duchy of Gascony and declared war on him like certain other brothers-in-law Edward could mention, and is delighted to welcome him to blogland.

- edward the second of england the juicy bits Edward II's life was all about the juicy bits. No dull bits there at all.

- why did Edward ii have such a problematic reign Short answer: because he was exasperating ed

- how many wifes did King Edward II

Just the one, and in 1325 she claimed to her brother Charles IV and his court that quote "there were 3 of us in the marriage"

And people have been asking since 1327: did queen isabela really murder edward II

If she did, you can bet it didn't go in the: queen isabella 1 family ablum

This blog seems to get far more icky searches than strictly necessary, these being typical examples: can any married man have an affair with his niece and suffocated to death under the buttocks of womens sadistic

- edward ii hates foriegn muck He certainly does! Edward II is a proud, patriotic Englishman. (Albeit one who was born in Wales to a Spanish mother and a mostly French father.)

- Edward II didn't like fight as a kid ? Or as an adult.

- why is edwar secong killing on the stage So that directors can make a big deal out of a red-hot poker.

- Where was St. teresa of portugal born If I had to guess, I'd say Portugal.

- Did Isabella of Castile go to college?

- edward iii and his warning signs not to revolt

- proper way of indicating Edward "II" See that man over there? That's Edward II.

- sample letter for claiming illegitimate child

- how scotland was like 700 years ago from 1010

- saint isabella facts that no one else knows

How Edward II didn't attempt to escape from Berkeley Castle: distract guard feminine wiles escape

Which failure to escape led, in traditional accounts, to: THE EDWARD DEATH

Although certainly not by this method: all the way up with a red hot poker

Even if you have to ask: in 1327 king edward 11 was murdered how did it

or: what is the connection between edward 2nd and a redhot poker

or: which king england died from a hot object inserted

The confusion over Edward's fate leads to the inevitable question: edward ii murdered or not

1326 saw the end of the: REIGN OF THE DESPENSER

by means of: pain,penis,hurt,torture,emasculation,bite

In a remarkable change from the usual obsession with Hugh Despenser the Younger's penis, here's: nicholas upton bulls genitals

What to wish a sheep in January: happy bleated new year

- paragraph on king edward the professor Umm, Edward the Confessor, maybe?

- Your as a form of address in Medieval England

- ralph monthermer +excommunicated for adultery

- queen Woodville pics Afraid you have the wrong blog; try Susan Higginbotham's.

- who have killed Lord Gurney

- if you would have his clemency first you must do his bidding

- stephen billington body pics

- robert of artois' rolin in the coronation of Philip VI

And finally, two of the most common searches that hit this blog: connection between Isabella of France and william wallace and did queen isabella have kids with william wallace? How many times do I have to say that there wasn't a connection and no, she didn't? Bloody Braveheart.


Elizabeth said...

I think my favorite ones were "saint isabella facts no one else knows" and "did isabella of castile go to college". At least they're a diversion from the usual hot poker question!

Susan Higginbotham said...

Hope you feel better soon!

I wonder if Isabella of Castile joined a sorority while she was in college?

Someone stopped by my website yesterday looking for "elizabeth woodville stripped." So that's why she came out of sanctuary! Richard III blackmailed her with her old nudie pictures!

Minnie said...

Any link between too much work + illness? Only asking because have been affected by same in the past, so sympathise. But sympathise anyway - so get well soon.
Have linked to post your excellent blog as corrective to the evils of 'Braveheart' - so very grateful to you for all your hard work on this. Take care :-).

Kathryn Warner said...

Elizabeth: they are refreshingly different, aren't they? If I had a pound for every time someone hit the blog with a red-hot poker search, I'd be a very rich woman. :)

Susan: thanks! I just need a day or two of rest, and I'm sure I'll be fine.
Tsk, that naughty Elizabeth! But at least now that particular historical mystery is solved! :)

Minnie: actually, although I have been ill from stress and overwork in the past (hideous, isn't it?), I felt this one coming on over the weekend, so I think I just picked up a virus somewhere.

Thanks for the link, and have a great week!

Clement Glen said...

Absolutely hilarious searches!

Take care and I do hope you feel better soon.

Re: Braveheart-I do believe the motion picture industry is in danger of re-writing history.

Brad Verity said...

These search terms are so funny! My favorites: "edward the second of england the juicy bits" and "edward ii hates foreign muck". LOL

Thanks for the link to Royal Descent. Feel better soon, Kathryn!

Louis X said...

Thank you for the mention and the link, dear Alianore! It is most appreciated. We are glad to know that Edward is fond of us. Perhaps he likes our sharp tongue! We are fond of him, too. He seems to us a kind man, at heart, too kind to have to bear the weight of a crown. It is a heavy burden, one that we would not wish upon our worst enemies, and those who most crave its power are those who least deserve to have it.

We are sorry to hear of your illness, and wish you a most speedy recovery!

Gabriele Campbell said...

Get better soon, Kathryn.

Hehe, maybe you should be glad that they don't search for Wallace Killed With Hot Poker. :)

(Btw, sorry that I have to moderate comments on my blog, but a troll left his muddy footprints. Twice.)

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Clement! It amazes me that I still get so many searches for Isabella/Wallace a full 15 years after the release of Braveheart.

Thanks, Brad! Am just about to go and leave a comment on your Badlesmere post!

Mon très cher Roi Louis, you are most welcome. Bienvenu à, errrr, blogland!

Thanks, Gabriele! Shame about the troll. I've been lucky here recently, but it seems that more and more bloggers are having to turn on comment moderation. :(

Kate Plantagenet said...

Even whilst sick you can make me laugh. Genius.

Thanks! Hope you feel better soon.

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Kate! Glad I made you laugh. :)

Carla said...

"What to wish a sheep in January" :-)

Hope you feel better soon!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Carla!

Anerje said...

I love these searches:> Thanks for cheering me up! get well soon!

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Anerje! Glad they cheered you up.

Alison said...

Oh dear, they are funny though! Oh for someone to go and get a book out of the library and read it too...