14 February, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Courtesy of the Valentine Generator, and remembering this post, here is Isabella of France's Valentine card to her husband Edward II in 1313, using words from my forthcoming biography of Isabella.

To my pious postern gate,

You are the destrier of my Greyfriars Church. I want to consolidate with you more than any drought in the whole cherries.

The first time we suckled, I felt predictable in my arm, and I was so distraught that I could barely banish. I knew that we would bribe together for Terce until Vespers.

Whenever you revoke, it makes me conspire amicably and flaunt like a virile discontent.

I will joust with you unspeakably until the rebellion seizes and the Household Ordinance negotiates.

Enamelled Valentine's Day!

Love, your sulky Lucca cloth.

And, because I'm in a silly mood today, some anagrams, from here:

Edward of Caernarfon
forewarned fad acorn
forwarded farce anon
forwarded fear canon
forwarded oaf canner

Edward II, king of England
reawakening find old dig
reawakening fold gin dig
I faded a rekindling gown
on a faded rekindling wig

Isabella of France, queen of England
a conquerable offending fallen sea
a false conquerable offending lane
no conquerable deafening safe fall

Piers Gaveston, earl of Cornwall
a waterproofing coveralls lens
waterproofing loveless carnal
waterproofing enclave ass roll

Roger Mortimer, earl of March
refrigerator charm room elm
geometrical harm from error
rigmarole retch reform rom
remarriage chloroform term
lightface armorer mom error

Hugh Despenser, lord of Glamorgan
profoundness haggled her glamor
profoundness herd hog germ gall
profoundness harem hag egg droll


Anerje said...

Great fun!

Anonymous said...

Funny! Thank you for posting this


sami parkkonen said...

I think I cast my vote on Lightface armorer mom error, which, I think, could be an quite accurate describtion at some times.

Anonymous said...

Because Roger Mortimer wants to protect people from geographical harm! Great post