22 July, 2016

Article And New Books

An article of mine about Isabella of France has just been published on the BBC History Magazine website. Enjoy! :-)

My book Isabella of France: The Rebel Queen got a great review in the weekly Catholic magazine The Tablet recently. You have to register on the site to read the full review, but it's free and very easy. I particularly enjoyed the part "she is very cross indeed with soi-disant [so-called] historians who bend known facts to fit their theories." That's very true; I am. :-)

Nick Gribit, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds recently, has written a book about Henry of Grosmont, then earl of Derby and later first duke of Lancaster, and his expedition to Aquitaine in 1345/6. Yay! As you probably know, I madly love Henry.

The latest edition of the fab series Fourteenth Century England, number nine, is out now, with an essay by Paul Dryburgh about Edward II's younger son John of Eltham (yippee!) and one by Andy King about Edward II's death (double yippee!). I have it on order; hope it comes soon as I'm dying (pun intended) to read both.

Martin White has written a novel, To Catch the Conscience of the King, about Edward II's downfall and his escape from Berkeley Castle. It came out as an e-book on 18 June this year, and the author tells me it will also be available in paperback soon. He's kindly sending me a copy. I'm looking forward to reading it; more here about it soon.

Finally, my good friend Ivan Fowler's novel about Edward II's survival in Italy has been entirely reworked and has been published in Italian, Edward; Il mistero del Re di Auramalawith a fab cover which I love. Can't wait to read the forthcoming English version!


Unknown said...

Thanks for mentioning my book, Kathryn! I can't wait for you to read it either, can't wait for feedback. As soon as there is news about an English-langauge edition I'll let you know. I think I'm going to order that new number of 14th century England too, unmissable!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. Loved the "Isabella" biography; look forward to the fiction when an English language edition is available.


Dancin Fool said...

Great article and thanks for the reading tips. I will investigate now. I am so thrilled to see Edward II's survival beyond Berkeley being discussed and documented after years of being frustrated that it seemed debatable still. I read Ian Mortimer's The Greatest Traitor some time ago now and have been amazed at how many historians and enthusiasts seemed to resist the idea. I look forward to reading your new book to. I have much respect for Roger Mortimer but know considerably less about Isabella.

sami parkkonen said...

I'm still trying to get my stuff which includes Eddie, published but it is not easy. One day somehow...

Anerje said...

Congratulations on your article on the BBC History site! Busy month for Edward and his family.