06 August, 2018

Treaty of Leake Talk; Hugh Despenser the Younger Bio

This coming Thursday, 9 August, I'm giving a talk about Edward II in the village of East Leake between Nottingham and Loughborough to mark the 700th anniversary of Edward signing the treaty of Leake with his cousin and enemy Thomas of Lancaster in the village on 9 August 1318. The talk begins at 7.30pm in the library, and I'm sharing it with local historian Keith Hodgkinson. Entrance is free, and if you're anywhere in the vicinity, do come along!

In other news, my biography of Hugh Despenser the Younger, out on 30 October, is now available for pre-order: Amazon; Waterstones; W H Smith; Book Depository (US). Blood Roses is also out in October.


sami parkkonen said...

Wonderful occasion once again! Too bad I'm few thousand miles away. I'd listen you few hours easy on these subjects easy.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you might provide notes on the talk (or have someone post it on youtube) for those of us who can't make it


Amanda said...

I would also hope that you can provide some sort of notes or youtube if possible please as I cannot attend either. Good luck, am sure it will be successful.