16 October, 2008

Pictures of Yorkshire (5)

The village, or rather hamlet, where we stayed for a week: Old Byland, about three miles from Rievaulx Abbey and five from the town of Helmsley.

All Saints, Old Byland
All Saints church dates back to Anglo-Saxon times, and was rebuilt in the 1140s – that is, during the Anarchy, when King Stephen and his cousin the Empress Maud duked it out for control of the kingdom.

The font, which dates from the era when the church was rebuilt, and has been used to baptise inhabitants of Old Byland for the last 870 years.

Looking down the nave. The chancel arch is 12th century.

Human faces with rams' horns, carved on the arch.

15th century beams, rediscovered in the 1980s - having presumably been plastered over before that.

An Anglo-Saxon sundial, shoved in upside down by a mason, probably in the 1140s.

And finally, a cottage near Rievaulx Abbey, which I think I'd kill to own. Look at that gorgeous garden!


Gabriele Campbell said...

That cottage garden looks lovely indeed.

Christy K Robinson said...

If there's a conspiracy, and we turn it into a timeshare cottage, count me in!

Jules Frusher said...

I think we could turn it into a battle for that cottage!

Kathryn Warner said...

Hey, I saw it first! It's mine. :-)

Actually, it seems to be a holiday cottage (if you google 'Bridge Cottage Rievaulx' it brings up a few results for it). There's a plan for us all next year - and we can fight over who gets the one bedroom. ;)

Carla said...

Yes, a very pretty cottage. Enjoy your (crowded?) booking :-)

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Carla - you're very welcome to join the fight for the bedroom, if you fancy a trip to Yorkshire. :)

Anerje said...

The pix of the church are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos. The one of the sundial is interesting. I also like the outside shot of All Saints, and the darker inside shot looking down the nave.

Kathryn Warner said...

Thanks, Anerje and Steven!